Frequently Asked Questions

What are Deer Antler Chews?
Why are they better than bones, rawhides, or bully sticks?
Do you kill deer?
Why should I buy from O’Antler?
What size should I choose for my dog?
What happened to your old sizes?

What are Deer Antler Chews?

They are NOT bones. Deer Antler Chews are antlers that grow on the deer’s head.

Deer Antler Chews are a durable “toy-treat” hybrid for dogs. Like a treat, Deer Antler Chews can be safely consumed. However, they last such a LONG time that you might barely notice any wear on the antler for some time, much like a durable chew toy.

Wolves chew on antlers in the wild as a source of calcium and other minerals to strengthen their bones and clean their teeth. Our own pets are no exception! Deer Antler Chews are the best thing you can provide to dogs who have good strong teeth and the constant need to chew, chew, chew!

Why are Deer Antler Chews better than bones, rawhides, or bully sticks?

Short answer – they last longer, they do not splinter, and they never get “snaggy” or sharp.

Nothing compares as far as bang for your buck!

Bones splinter and break off into sharp pieces. Rawhides can be bitten apart and tangle up in the dog’s intestines. Bully sticks smell bad, and don’t last more than a day with strong chewers. Plastic toys show chew marks right away and snag on your fabrics. And of course, we have all seen those “indestructible” stuffed toys ripped to shreds in seconds…

Deer Antler Chews are more dense than bones, and have a more compact molecular structure that causes them to erode slowly with chewing. Sharp pieces do NOT break off. Because Deer Antler Chews naturally erode with chewing, the chewed ends of the antlers stay smooth, like a piece of limestone.

Below are a handful of other reasons I have learned over the years, but I’m sure the list could go on…

List of Reasons that Deer Antler Chews are the BEST!
  • Long lasting, due to their dense structure.
  • No splintering, due to their molecular structure and the way the minerals are bonded to each other. Tiny grains dissolve into the dog’s saliva as they chew. You will never notice chunks of antler on the floor where your dog is chewing.
  • No snags or sharp edges.
  • Fully consumable, but because they erode slowly with chewing, they are great for dogs with sensitive gassy stomachs. No gnarly stuff getting tangled in their stomachs such as with rawhides and bully sticks.
  • No calories. Great for dogs with weight concerns.
  • Abundant source of calcium. Wolves chew on antlers in the wild to provide an essential source of bone-building minerals not otherwise consumed through their meat-based diet.
  • Dogs LOVE the taste and texture.
  • No preservatives and artificial additives.
  • No carpet stains. The minerals from the Deer Antler Chew dissolve within your dog’s saliva, leaving no color or residue.
  • Excellent for dental hygiene. They not only keep the dog’s teeth active in the chewing process, but the bone-building minerals consumed from the antler go right into your dog’s metabolism to strengthen his teeth.
  • Natural, organic, and earth-friendly. We don’t kill deer! Because antlers are shed every year, as long as there are deer on the planet, there will be Deer Antler Chews!

Do you kill deer?

No! Every year, deer shed their antlers and grow a full new rack. The old rack gets too heavy to continue to grow, so the deer brush their antlers against trees, rocks, and anything they can find to get them to fall off. Collectors go and find them in the woods.

While many companies will make dog chews using a combination of hunted (killed) and shed antlers, we only purchase antlers that have been shed from living deer. You can see the difference: antlers from hunted deer will be cut off with a saw, while shed antlers retain the burr where the antler has hardened over and detached.

Why should I buy from O’Antler?

O’Antler is a small business. Excellent customer service is our mission. Any problems you ever have, we WILL answer and help you. We are a husband-wife team doing everything ourselves from the point the raw shed antler racks are delivered to our door. We cut the racks, then grind/soften the ends for a premium look and feel. Then we scrub, sterilize, weigh, and sort each individual Deer Antler Chew. Every product you receive has passed through our hands multiple times, and there is a very high level of quality control.

We source our antlers from the U.S.A.

We source only Grade A antlers. This means the antler retains its moisture and density. No dry, cracked, hollow antlers that were baked in the sun! Our antlers are beige to brown and have been picked up before other wildlife have gotten to them (i.e., negligible squirrel/animal teeth markings).

Our prices are VERY competitive. There are a lot of antler products out there, and the pictures might look nice, but no quality compares to our own Deer Antler Chews. Customers have told us again and again that our Deer Antler Chews are the best quality they’ve ever found. We strive to keep our margins low to sell an affordable product where the quality is actually BETTER!

What size should I choose for my dog?

  1. Look at the table below as a starting point. Your dog may fall into multiple categories.
  2. Decide on a final size based on the “More Helpful Information” section below the table.

Note: Sizes 2-5 seem to be suitable for most dogs.

Deer Antler ChewWeight of Dog
Size 1Less than 15 pounds
Size 210-60 pounds
Size 320-70 pounds
Size 430-80 pounds
Size 540-90 pounds
Size 650-100 pounds
Size 760-120 pounds
Size 8/970-140 pounds
Size 10+More than 80 pounds
More Helpful Information

Generally, the size of Deer Antler Chew you should give your dog depends on many factors. Start with your dog’s weight. Smaller dogs will probably need smaller antlers, and larger dogs will need larger antlers.

Consider other factors, such as the size of your dog’s mouth and jaw. Does your dog have a large mouth? If so, consider moving up one or more sizes. You would not want to give your dog a toy so small that he could swallow it.

Third, personality and chewing behavior. Does he tend to toss toys up in his mouth, arching his neck back? Is your dog a very determined, heavy chewer? Does he chew through other hard toys like there’s no tomorrow? This would be another reason to consider moving up a size or more.

On the other hand, because they last such a LONG time, don’t feel like you need to order a really big piece. Try it out. See how long it takes your dog to chew it down. You can always up-size next time. And check out our pictures to get an idea of what size you’d imagine being the most comfortable for your pet.

What happened to your old sizes?

The sizes we had before (Small, Medium, Large, XL, Mega) have been expanded so there is not such a wide range within a given size. Our new selection lets you choose exactly the size Deer Antler Chew that is appropriate for your dog, providing some lower cost options too!

  • Size 1 includes what used to be Small and the lower end of Medium
  • Size 2 includes what used to be the upper end of Medium
  • Sizes 3 and 4 used to be Large
  • Sizes 5, 6, and 7 used to be XL
  • Sizes 8/9 and 10+ used to be Mega